Security Home Systems Allow Seniors to Stay in Their Homes Longer

More than anything, seniors want their independence. They want to stay in their own homes as long as possible. Security home systems go a long way toward achieving that goal. Each year families look for security systems for senior relatives just for this reason, and the benefits are many.

Security Home Systems Allow Seniors to Stay in Their Homes Longer

Intrusion Protection

Thieves see seniors as easy targets. Security home systems help level the playing field. When would-be burglars see that home security company sign in the window or on the lawn, most will move on to an easier mark. Simply having a security system in place can deter burglars, helping keep seniors safe.

Security systems can feature a central monitoring system manned by real people 24/7. When a break-in is detected, the representative will attempt to contact the senior first, and then contact the appropriate authorities, sending help immediately. Not only will the senior be audibly alerted, if he is home, but the security company will get that same information. These systems can also be armed while the senior is away, safeguarding belongings and helping to ensure the senior will not walk in on a burglary in progress.

Monitoring of Home Systems

Home systems such as HVAC systems can also be monitored. If the furnace should quit working in the middle of the night, and the temperature within the home falls below a certain degree mark, the security company can be alerted. Family members can also download an app that will allow them to receive the same alerts as the security company.

Security home systems will also tie in to fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide alarms. This can help save a life in the event of a danger in the home. Natural gas detectors are also a popular option for many seniors.

Medical Alerts

Security Home Systems Allow Seniors to Stay in Their Homes Longer

As seniors age, their health becomes more of a concern. A simple fall in the bathroom can turn into something much more serious for a senior that lives alone. Security home systems for seniors can also include a medical alert system. This includes a pendant the senior wears on a necklace or bracelet. Should they have any medical emergency, they simply press a button and they are immediately connected to a live person who can assist them. The security personnel can then send help.

Security Home Systems Allow Seniors to Stay in Their Homes Longer

Medical alerts can also be sent to a family member. This helps the family stay informed to any possible medical emergencies the senior may have.


Seniors want to stay in their own home. Family members often worry about their health and safety, though. A security home system could be a great solution to the problem. The system can help a senior stay safe from intruders, and even get help quickly in the case of a medical emergency. Family members have the option to receive any alerts from the senior’s home, too. Security systems can make a family feel close even when they can’t be there. These systems also give everyone involved the peace of mind to feel comfortable with a senior living alone much longer.

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