Integrated Security Systems Cover All Aspects of Your Home

Security systems have come a long way, and integrated security systems cover much more than just intrusion protection. Today’s systems can be customized by the home owner, allowing for as much or as little control as the homeowner wants over systems within the home. These systems truly let the home owner control any of the home systems they would like, from entertainment systems to surveillance cameras, all from one convenient place.


Security is the number one reason home owners opt for a system like this. They want to know that, if anyone should attempt to break in, they will be notified immediately. They want the security of knowing that authorities will be called and on their way within minutes. Door and window sensors, motion detectors and cameras are all parts of the security these systems offer.

Many systems allow the home owner to access up to 30 days of recorded video from the surveillance cameras, too. This is great if the home owner should ever need to review an incident that occurred days before.


The ability to control lighting is two-fold. If the last person who left the house forgot to turn out the lights, the home owner can turn all the connected lighting off. This helps to save money on the electric bill.

Many home owners use the lighting feature when they are away for an extended period of time. They can turn lights on and off at different times of the day. This gives the appearance that someone is home. Burglars are less likely to attempt a break in of an occupied home. Homes with automatic drapery systems can even integrate that feature into their lighting control.

Integrated Security Systems Cover All Aspects of Your Home

HVAC Systems

Home owners have the ability to adjust the temperature of the house from a remote location. They can adjust the heat down a few degrees or the A/C up a few degrees when they are not going to be home for an extended period of time. This can help save on energy costs.

Alarms can also be set to alert the home owner, or the HVAC Company, in the event of excessive temperatures. If a family from the northern region of the company goes on vacation in the winter, they can set an alert if the temperature in the house reaches fifty degrees. This could indicate a problem with the furnace. The HVAC Company could also get the alert and check on the home before a freeze-up could occur. This feature has saved many home owners hundreds of dollars in damage repairs.

Safety Alarms

It is common for fire and smoke detectors to be integrated into security systems today. Homeowners also have the option of adding carbon monoxide, natural gas, and flood alerts as well. Most current fire and smoke detectors can be wired to work in conjunction with today’s security systems.

Flood alerts could indicate an actual flood condition, or even a burst pipe in the home. If the homeowner is away for an extended period, this feature could also be set to alert the plumber to a potential problem.

Many people with elderly family members have the alerts sent not only to the senior family member, but also to themselves so that they can immediately know if any alerts have been set off in the home of the senior.

Integrated security systems for seniors may also include a medical alert system. The senior carries a pendant, usually on a necklace or bracelet. Should they need help, in the instance of a fall or other health emergency, they simply press the button on the pendant. This gives them instant access to a real person who can help establish the nature of the emergency and send help immediately. These systems can also be set to alert a family member if the medical alert button is pressed. Systems such as these allow the family to be alerted should anything go wrong, and can help bring peace of mind to the whole family.

Entertainment Systems

Home owners can truly control all of their home systems from one control pad. Every part of a home entertainment system, whether it’s the television, CD player, or radio, can be controlled from the integrated system. This means there is one central control place for all of the home’s systems. These high-tech systems bring the best in home automation to the home owner.

Integrated Security Systems Cover All Aspects of Your Home

Outdoor entertainment systems can be integrated into the system as well. Home owners can then have full control as they entertain family and friends at their annual barbeque party in the back yard while still keeping an eye on the front of the house with integrated surveillance cameras in the driveway.

Remote Access and Voice Control

Home automation systems such as these integrated systems can be accessed from a control panel within the home, or through an app on any smart device. Homeowners have remote access through their smart phone. Alerts can be sent via text or email directly to that device.

Remote access is useful in the case of remotely turning lights on or off, opening or closing the garage door, or even controlling the temperature inside the home when the home owner is away. Remote access is also useful for the homeowner who wants to check to see if the kids made it home from school safely, or if they remembered to lock the door before leaving.

Most remote apps also allow the homeowner to control the functions of the system by voice. Users can control all of the functions: arming the system, locking doors, turning lights on and off, and setting the temperature, all with voice commands. This makes it much easier for users on the go to have full control over their systems.

Outdoor Safety

Integrated Security Systems Cover All Aspects of Your Home

When a homeowner comes home, an integrated security system can be set up to allow her to open the garage door, turn on outside lights, and even turn on some inside lights. This alleviates worries of possible burglars lurking in dark corners. The home is immediately lit up and even the garage door is completely controlled by the home owner. This adds yet another layer of security and peace of mind.


Integrated security systems are a great balance of security, convenience and savings. For homeowners looking to control all of their home systems from a central location, and the ability to do so remotely, these systems are a great option. Integrated systems may seem futuristic, but they are providing real world solutions today for homeowners who embrace technology. There are many reputable security companies to choose from. Homeowners should look for companies who have been in business a long time, and who can provide references regarding their services. The right security company will allow the homeowner to customize the system to fit his needs, and will address the homeowner’s concerns with the specific features and benefits of that system.

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