Home Security Installation Options for Renters

Homeowners are not the only people concerned with the safety of their families or the security of their belongings. Renters have these same concerns. The problem is that renters have a special set of circumstances when it comes to home security installation because they do not own the house or apartment they are living in.

DYI Installation

Simple home security systems with Do-It-Yourself installation can be found at most home improvement centers. The benefit of these systems is that they do not require wiring to be run through walls and all of the components of the system are easily removable. This type of hoe security installation allows the renter to take the system with him when he moves. The one drawback of these systems is that most do not come with a central monitoring system. This means the system will provide only an audible alert and not have the ability to contact the renter remotely in the case of a breach or intrusion.

Home Security Installation Options for Renters

Wireless Installation

Many wireless systems today allow for easy home security installation without running wires or having components that are permanently fixed to the dwelling. This allows for systems that are linked to central monitoring centers. The center will get any alerts in the home or apartment and can contact the proper authorities on the renter’s behalf. These systems can be professionally installed, but the renter will be able to take the system to his next home if he should move. Professionally installed systems usually come with a better warranty, more protections, and are customizable. They also include a monthly cost for the monitoring, so be aware of that when choosing these systems.


Renters have security needs, too. Their options may be more limited, though, than those of a homeowner. DIY installation systems might be great for those looking for intrusion protection when they are in the home.

Wireless systems are another great option for renters and offer many more features than their DIY counterparts. They also offer protection when the renter is not home, and they can access many of the features of the system right from an app on their smart phone.

Home Security Installation Options for Renters

Renters should check their rental agreement, and then decide on which type of home security installation option is best for their given set of circumstances.

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